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Our Awesome Speakers

Eduardo San Martín

Vue Core Team member.

Sebastien Chopin

Co-creator of Nuxt. Community partner of Vue.

Alexandre Chopin

Co-creator of Nuxt. Community partner of Vue.

Debbie O'Brien

Frontend Tech Lead at Agency Patterson. Mentor at OpenClassrooms.

Rubén Valseca

VueJSMadrid co-organizer. Style Sage developer. FrontFest co-founder.

Marina Aisa

UX Engineer at Holaluz. Design and code.

Quique Fdez Guerra

Developer at Plain Concepts. Founder of HelpDev.

Alex Jover

Vue community partner and GDE. VueDose author. Co-organizes Alicante Frontend.


  • Check in

    Don't be late!

  • Intro :)

    A warm and short welcome.

  • Live videoconference with Evan You

    He will join us through videoconference to have a QA session and talk about Vue.

  • Building a multilingual blog using Nuxt and Markdown

    Marina Aisa

    Technological blogs have been and are very important for the community and the professional growth of who writes them. They are on the rise but when it comes of sharing that content we have a series of questions:

    Where do we write? Third party platforms or our own website? What technology to use to build our blog and why? Do we need a server? Where do we host it?

    In this talk I will tell you how was my own process of creating a multilingual serverless blog with Nuxt, the reason why I chose it, differences between building a webapp blog and a static one, performance, the choice of writing in Markdown and some mistakes along the way using wrongly Vuex.

  • Nuxt.js 2K19

    Alexandre Chopin

    Do you want to learn more about Nuxt.js history? Alexandre, creator of Nuxt.js will explain how a simple project became one of the most active open source project in the Vue ecosystem. How the framework and community grew over time.

  • Breakfast ☕️

    Take some energy for the rest of the morning 💪

  • Deep Dive into Nuxt.js internals

    Sebastien Chopin

    Ever wondered how Nuxt.js works? Sebastien, creator of Nuxt.js will explain how the framework works internally. Giving you the knowledge to enjoy the full power of Nuxt and its module ecosystem.

  • Using Nuxt.js in huge E-Commerce

    Alex Jover

    Nuxt has many use cases, but have you ever used it for a huge E-Commerce? In this talk Alex will talk about the experience of building an E-Commerce already in production, the obstacles found and the decisions taken, and specially the lessons learnt on the way. He will show as well some interesting tools for Nuxt that have been developed after this experience.

  • You can inject dependencies in your components, let's do it!

    Quique Fdez Guerra

    In many programming languages it is quite usual to inject our dependencies, in fact it is related to one of the solid principles (Dependency Inversion). And in the Frontend what?? In some Angular-like frameworks it is resolved, but when we do not use any framework or we work with some more like Vue, React or Preact we have to import our dependencies on different ways. In this talk I want to help you to make the process easier, come and learn everything dependency injection can do for you.

  • Lunch 🥘

    Enjoy a fantastic meal with the harbor views.

  • How does Vue.js reactivity work? Implementing a reactive system from scratch

    Rubén Valseca

    Vue.js has become quite popular lately - thanks to its fast learning curve, single file components, template system, progressive framework, etc.

    One of the main strengths is the reactive system that allows us to scale our application by manipulating the data without having to worry about when to update. But ... how does it work? How does Vue realize that a data has changed in the most remote part of an array and update "automagically" the values that depend on it? Does this system have limits?

    In this talk we will see what the "magic" is behind Vue.js through a practical example that demonstrates the reactivity at the base of our development.

  • Leave your legacy code behind and go Nuxt

    Debbie O'Brien

    Want to migrate to a Single Page Application but still need great SEO? Nuxt has you covered. But Nuxt is so much more than just Server Side Rendering. Join me on this talk to discover why you should be considering Nuxt as your framework of choice. How to call your data from an api with asyncData and why you should consider using static sites. What? Static sites? Yes. I will also go through how to setup a great boilerplate project so you can easily get started and migrate all your sites or build new ones. Are you Nuxt?

  • Short break

    Stretch your legs.

  • The present and future of Vue Router

    Eduardo San Martín

    When we develop single-page applications, we have to use a router. Every single framework has its own router, React even has multiple ones you can choose from. And even though each framework is different and every router takes a different approach, they all share the same principles.

    What is behind a simple and easy-to-use API? Is it really that difficult to create your own SPA router? What are the different approaches and their advantages, caveats?

    Let's talk about the existing different approaches we see in SPA routers, today's Vue Router implementation and what is coming for the next versions of Vue Router

  • The End

    You're free to enjoy the city of Alicante :)

View of the port of Alicante from the venue

Panoramis Cinema

Centro Comercial Panoramis
Muelle de Poniente, 6
03003 Alicante

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Vue Day is happening thanks to this awesome companies. Thank you all!

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In what language will the talks be?

The whole event will be in English.

What does the entrance price include?

The ticket includes access to the whole conference: talks, breakfast, lunch and some sweet swag.

How many tracks does the event have?

Only one .

How many talks will there be?

8 talks.

What is the schedule of the event?

You can check the schedule.

Last year entrance was free, why not this year?

We've decided to increase the number of attendees, opt for a venue with better conditions and give a better experience to the attendees in every possible way. The income generated by the event is solely and exclusively for investment in the event and Alicante Frontend activities. Alicante Frontend has never profited from any of its activities and this is not an exception.

Is there a code of conduct?

Yes, all attendees should consult it and put it into practice.

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